URALGAZNEFT  is one of the largest and most coveted employers in Russia and abroad. People are our Company’s key asset, and their responsibility, vigor and commitment define our success.

Being employed with URALGAZNEFT as a member of the professional team with long-standing experience in the area of oil refining, petroleum product sales, and power generation, development and introduction of new technologies gives you confidence about the future!

What we offer to our employees:

  • direct involvement in interesting and large-scale projects;
  • team work with highly competent mentors;
  • professional and career opportunities
  • as well as an environment that facilitates realization of their personal potential;
  • competitive fringe benefits;
  • social programs and support.



The Group has a continuous personnel training system in place designed for employees to gain the requisite knowledge and skills. URALGAZNEFT uses a whole array of state-of-the-art training tools, including business workshops, retreats, specialized training programs, internship abroad, advanced training courses, e-learning, etc.The Company has been actively cooperating with field-specific higher educational institutions, specifically in the regions of its presence.

The Corporate Knowledge Management System which makes it possible to identify and disseminate best practices, promptly share common problems and together find the best way to resolve them, has been implemented.

Areas of training:

Category Area
Top managers and managerial personnel pool  Managerial competences
Engineering personnel Professional competences
Mobile personnel Programs of training for involvement in projects both in and outside of Russia, including foreign languages, country studies
Young professionals Corporate competences



Youth Outreach Policy

The youth and young professionals outreach effort is one of the priorities formalized in URALGAZNEFT’s Human Resources Management Policy. The Company’s Personnel Management Service is paying special attention to youth outreach which complies with the Integrated Target Program of the URALGAZNEFT Group focusing on work with young employees and young specialists for 2008—2017. Currently employees under 30 account for about 25% of the Company’s headcount.
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Protection of the lives and health of its employees is URALGAZNEFT’s key priority.The Company has been consistently applying its efforts to improve the working conditions for its employees, organizes trainings and maneuvers as part of its HSE management system on a regular basis.

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There is an incentive system in place in the Company that covers non-financial and financial remuneration.Total remuneration:

NON-FINANCIAL Governmental
Fixed – base salary
– fringle benefits
Variable – short-term bonuses
– long-term bonuses
Entitlement program – mandatory (public)
– voluntary (corporate)
Fringe benefits – available to every employee

– available to certain employee categories



Employee remuneration

URALGAZNEFT pays great attention to non-financial remuneration of its employees. Annually state, departmental and URALGAZNEFT corporate awards are granted to around 2,000 employees for major contributions to the Company’s performance. Each subsidiary has developed and implemented its own local regulations covering the employee remuneration procedure for high labor achievements.


Social policy

URALGAZNEFT has been implementing an extensive social policy designed to boost social stability and improve the living standards.

The Company is currently most focused on the following activities:

  • health care;
  • housing support;
  • non-state pension programs for employees.
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Personnel and Trade Unions

  • The Company offers that terms of employment that are compliant with the legitimate rights of employees and rule out any discrimination.
  • It fosters an environment that promotes professional development and the exchange of best practices.
  • It also maintains and perfects its efficient health and social protection program.
  • It also continuously keeps an eye on the efficiency of its incentive program.
  • In 2014, the 2015-2017 Agreement between the Employer and the URALGAZNEFT Trade Union Association was signed.

International Association of Trade Union Organizations of URALGAZNEFT

The International Association of Trade Union Organizations of the Open Joint-Stock Company “Oil Company URALGAZNEFT” (IATUO) is an NGO

that champions the rights and interests of the personnel of the URALGAZNEFT  Group Entities both in and outside of Russia in terms of employment, professional, social and economic relations and seeks to bring together different teams to accomplish the key production tasks.

IATUO was created by a voluntary merger of trade union organizations of the Company’s major oil production, refining, and petroleum product supply organizations on March 17, 1994.

The vertically integrated IATUO structure helps create a mechanism of social partnership based on the following pattern: sole employer – sole professional association.

IATUO relies on the Global Agreement made by IndustriALL Global Union, Russian Oil, Gas, and Construction Workers’ Union, URALGAZNEFT and URALGAZNEFT’s IATUO, as well as on the Industry Agreement. The Agreements serve to improve the industrial relations and develop agreeable approaches to the production activities in the URALGAZNEFT  Group Entities operating in Russia and all over the world. The Agreements set forth an obligation assumed by URALGAZNEFT to observe human rights as prescribed by the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as any trade union rights as outlined in the basic ILO conventions and the UN Global Compact.